Baby crying translator

There is nothing more beautiful in life than loving your own child, raising him and watching how he grows … However, no one will say that this is easy. Babies cry from one to four hours a day, and there are five main reasons for this: they want to sleep, they want to eat, they are uncomfortable, stressed, or they are simply bored.

Learning to recognize why your baby is crying comes with experience. The Cry Translator will help parents understand if they are doing the right thing when calming their baby while teaching them to better understand their baby’s first language – crying.

Cry Translator helps reduce parental anxiety, they gain more confidence that they understand their child correctly and can calm him down faster.

Crying child

The device recognizes the type of crying in three to five seconds.
With 96% accuracy, it decodes a wide range of meanings of baby crying *.
Can be connected to other devices (such as baby monitor, smartphone, intercom, etc.).
Reduces the stress level of parents and baby, as it allows you to quickly understand what the child wants.
Gives parents (nannies) the opportunity to immediately identify the cause of the crying of the child, which usually comes only with experience.
* Confirmed by clinical studies conducted by an independent third party. This is just a prototype of the future device. The final product design is still under development.

How it works
Cry Translator is the first of its kind portable device that allows you to quickly and accurately “translate” baby crying. Cry Translator is applicable to any baby. The device is very convenient to use: in order to “transfer” the crying of the child, the parents or the nanny only need to press the power button (On / Off) and the “Start” button.

If the device is placed next to a crying baby, then within 3-5 seconds the LCD monitor will display one of five specific emotional or physiological states, namely “hungry”, “bored”, “discomfort”, “sleepy”, “stress” … This early recognition of the child’s emotional state allows the parent or nanny to respond appropriately and quickly reassure the infant.

Cry Translator is NOT a medical device, it is just a tool that helps parents and nannies better understand what the baby is trying to tell them. Its purpose is not to replace, but to develop the natural parental ability to recognize the needs of the child. If the parents or nanny are concerned about the health of the baby, they should see a doctor. Clinical studies have shown that the Cry Translator is able to decode the meaning of crying babies with 96 percent accuracy.

Cry Translator reduces parental anxiety for a child. It teaches how to recognize the different meanings of a baby’s cry, so parents feel more confident taking care of their baby.

The device allows you to understand in three seconds what the baby is saying in his own language.
Helps to respond correctly to every requirement of the baby.
Promotes the well-being of the child.
Helps develop the confidence of your baby to be understood and shorten the time he cries.
Strengthens the relationship between baby and parents.
Improves the well-being of the parents (nanny). Like a child, parents become more confident because they see that they are understood and they themselves can understand their child.
Allows both the child and the parents to avoid stressful situations, feelings of despair, irritability. Nothing can upset the child or those who care for him more than not understanding the reason for his crying or the inability to find a way to calm him down.
Anyone, even one who is unfamiliar with the child, will now be able to understand him. And the baby at any time and to anyone can tell what he wants at the moment.