In this article you will find not only Fellini’s films and italian to english translation. Here we provide a list of recommended videos, documentaries, comedies and travel videos related to the Italian language. All of them have been selected as the best Italian courses for their outstanding qualities and lively Italian. So stock up on popcorn and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of cinema along with Roberto Benigni, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and others. Watching these films will help you learn Italian.

“The Bicycle Thieves”
Many critics regard this Academy Award-winning classic as one of the greatest films ever made. Director Vittorio de Sica used non-professional actors to tell the simple, human tragedy of a working man whose bike, which he needs for work, was stolen. This caused him and his son to go on an agonizing search through the streets of Rome.

Bitter rice
Silvana Mangano became an international sensation after playing the role of a slender city woman working in the rice fields in Italy’s Po Valley after World War II and translate italian to english. The sexy Mangano was caught in a love triangle with the respected Raf Vallone and the profligate Vittorio Gassman. The painting is a neo-realistic classic.

Chao, professor!
This touching and hilarious comedy from Lin Wertmüller centers on a teacher who is mistakenly sent to third grade in an impoverished city in southern Italy. The teacher will soon have to deal with the mafia, absenteeism and children from troubled families. He will try to guide his disciples on the right path.

New cinema “Paradiso” (Cinema Paradiso)
This film is a kind of tribute to the charming yet bittersweet power of cinema. In 1989, the picture won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The director of the film looks back on his childhood in Sicily, where he served as an apprentice projectionist in a small town with a single cinema.