Watching films in English

If you have a desire to learn English perfectly, and you also like to watch movies, then why not combine business with pleasure? And not start watching the movie in original English and use telugu to english translator ?

Films in the original language, without voice acting, are much better than dubbed ones. In the original version, not only the voices and intonations of the characters are preserved, but also the semantic load of the words exactly as the director intended.

Learning English by watching movies is learning through perception. You run the correct English phrases through your brain, and then you yourself can reproduce them with the correct intonation and create your own sentences.

Of course, there are differences between watching a movie and reading a book. Films use a conversational style of communication, and books use an artistic one. For example, the difference between bookish and conversational style would be something like this:
Book: The price of five dollars was reasonable, and I decided to buy it.
Speaking: It was like, five bucks, so I was like “okay”.

In films, you will often hear slang phrases that you will not find in books. Watching movies improves pronunciation and increases vocabulary.

Difficulty watching movies
If you don’t understand anything about movies, then you don’t get any benefit from them. Movies are a little harder to understand than books. When reading a book, if you come across an unfamiliar word, then it will not be difficult for you to look up its meaning in the dictionary. When watching a movie, this task becomes a little more difficult, because you may not know the correct spelling of the word. Therefore, the priority property of the book over the film is the best consolidation of the grammar of the English language.

Spoken English in films is relatively fast and incomprehensible. If you can choose the pace when reading, it will be difficult for the actors to tell them to slow down.
Start watching movies with synchronous Russian subtitles. And it’s better to start watching with those films that were shot based on the book you have already read.