Features of the profession of a translator

The profession of a translator and english to bangla translation has been very significant and in demand for a long time. Thanks to translators, the works of great writers have been translated and subsequently read by many people from different cultures. Translation also plays an important role in the dissemination of information in the field of science and technology. Over the past few decades, due to the improvement of relations between countries and the increase in communications through satellites and other products of modern technology, it has become much easier and faster to find out what is happening on the other side of the world.

Today, most translators deal with technical rather than literary texts. A qualified translator must have high skills in working with the written language, both his own language and the translation, in order to provide the customer with a quality translation that matches the original in form. As for the interpreter, he must be able to convey the statements of a speaker representing one culture to listeners from another culture, moreover, in a form characteristic of this culture.

Translators usually work within the walls of a company, institution, translation agency, or as a freelancer. The overwhelming majority are freelancers who translate for individual clients, firms, translation agencies. The translator’s salary depends on the volume, complexity, language and subject matter of the translated text. It is important to note that demanded translators usually possess high knowledge not only in the field of linguistics, but also in technology, economics, science and many others.

Every day, translators are approached with a variety of requests, for example, to provide a particular company with information that allows them to increase their competitiveness, provide foreign affiliates with information on the latest research or marketing activities, translate countless telegrams, faxes, business letters in order to advance the technical progress of the company in overall, and many others.

The demand for competent translators remains high to this day. As countries strive to keep up with the discoveries in science and technology taking place in other parts of the world.